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About me

Chieko Yoshida

Chieko Yoshida is a renowned environmental blogger, recognized for her profound understanding and relatable narratives about the world of environmental conservation. Born in Nagoya, Japan, Chieko’s early fascination with nature led her to study Environmental Science at the University of Tokyo.

After graduating, Chieko delved into the field of environmental consultancy where she offered expertise on various conservation projects. Her experiences sparked a desire to spread awareness about environmental issues and inspire action, leading her to establish her blog, “Chieko’s Green Diary”.

“Chieko’s Green Diary” has quickly become a go-to source for all things related to environmental science, conservation trends, and sustainable living tips. Chieko’s talent for simplifying complex environmental concepts and her engaging writing style have attracted a broad audience, from industry experts to individuals seeking to live more sustainably.

Beyond blogging, Chieko is a regular speaker at environmental seminars and workshops, sharing her knowledge and advocating for stronger conservation efforts. She often collaborates with environmental organizations and researchers, contributing her insights to help shape better environmental policies and practices.

In her free time, Chieko enjoys gardening and birdwatching, activities that further fuel her passion for the environment. Chieko Yoshida is not just an environmental blogger; she is a tireless advocate for the planet, using her platform to inspire change and promote a more sustainable future.


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